Antique Car Dealer

The antique car market isn’t one of the largest in the automobile industry, making it difficult for customers to find dealers who have the vehicles they’re looking for. Fortunately, Ardell Brown Classic Cars has everyone covered in this regard—at least everyone in Utah.

The value of the antique car market is one of the most misunderstood in the business. We are here to tell people about how great antiques can become if they just give the cars a chance. There is a very subtle difference between a classic and an antique car, which can even confuse some dealerships. The relationship between the two is actually quite fluid, as it’s not unusual for a single vehicle to fall into both categories.

Most people think that the difference lies in which vehicle is the oldest, but they don’t realize that classics are often older than antiques. The Antique Car Club of America qualifies a vehicle to be an antique if it’s older than 25 years, completely restored, and in running order. Classics often have a range of years, as well as abstract qualities, such as popularity and impact on the industry to join that exclusive group.

Not only does a vehicle need to be old to become an antique, it also needs to be reliable and road-worthy. These vehicles are a far cry from the image that most people see in their minds whenever they hear the word “antique.” If you’re looking for a car that puts more stock in function than flash, an antique is the way to go. It didn’t get that old without having some seriously durable stuff under the hood.

We are one of the best sources of classics and antique cars within the Utah marketplace. Feel free to browse through our comprehensive catalogs and directories of reliable antique cars for the vehicle that may be the answer to everything you’re looking for in a car.