About Us

Ardell Brown Classic Cars is the one place in Utah where gear heads, vintage lovers, and restoration aficionados can gather to get their unique automobile fix. These vehicles don’t sport the latest in navigation technology or have Bluetooth connections, but they have the style and spirit of past generations that can never be torn away from the classics.

There’s just something special and unique about the experience of owning a classic collectable car, as these vehicles define the style and automotive aesthetics of a generation. They were the definition of cool during their prime and everybody wanted to have one. When you own a classic, not only will you have a stylish and reliable vehicle, you’ll have a car that transcends time itself.

Our listings have some of the market’s most coveted vehicles, beautifully restored and maintained to keep them roadworthy without losing any patina or essence that made those cars great in the first place. If you’re interested in one of our vehicles, you’ll deal with people who grew up fixing cars and old classics. This is how you know that you’re working with people who are confident in what they’re doing.

All the information we provide in our listings is comprehensive and reliable. We don’t mind if people want to double check the information we have—in fact, we encourage it. Get a second opinion and conduct research on every aspect of the vehicle and its history. The appreciation for a collectable car can only come from the one hundred percent confidence that a vehicle is genuine and authentic.